Sketch of the Jessup Farm Artisan Village

Jessup Farm Artisan Village

Jessup Farm Artisan Village

Our goal with this project was to create the first Artisan Village in Northern Colorado. What once was Jessup Farm has become the site for several home-grown artisans. Currently Jessup Farm is home to The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm Restaurant; Cacciatore at Heller's Kitchen Italian Restaurant; HEYDAY Women's Boutique, and its sister-store KNAPSACK, a home and children's boutique; Kennedy's Lucky 27 Barbershop; Bindle Coffee; Clayton Jenkins Photo Studio, and Jessup Farm Barrel House, a brewery and blending house. Come see us at Jessup Farm - for more information to plan your visit, check out

If you are interested in becoming a tenant within the Jessup Farm Artisan Village, please download the prospective Tenant Package (in the right-hand sidebar) and send us your contact information and business plan information as outlined in the package.  Once you’ve sent us this information, we will add you to our interested parties list and will keep you updated on our progress as the project moves on. Right now we are still in the development stage, but as soon as we have updated information to share, you will be contacted.

Fort Collins, Colorado

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